Rev. Dr. Gordon Barrows serves as the Mayor of New Bethlehem Pennsylvania, located in the heart of the Redbank Valley community.

Gordon V. Barrows - Mayor of New Bethlehem Pennsylvania

Rev. Dr. Gordon V. Barrows, DBA, MBA
Mayor of New Bethlehem Pennsylvania

Welcome to the New Bethlehem area and Redbank Valley community! My name is Gordon Barrows and I serve as the Mayor of New Bethlehem Borough, located in the heart of the Redbank Valley community.

I am honored to have the privilege of serving the people of New Bethlehem, to support business, community and personal growth within the borough, while maintaining the small-town appeal and family-friendly environment that makes New Bethlehem such great place to work, live and raise a family.

I am committed to providing responsive, innovative and results-driven solutions in the best interest of the taxpayers of New Bethlehem Borough, and for the betterment of the New Bethlehem area and Redbank Valley community.

CONTACT: I invite you to contact the Office of the Mayor with any questions, suggestions or feedback by calling 814.275.2003 or via email: [email protected]

The official duties of the Mayor include:

  • Administering oaths and affirmations
  • Presiding over mandatory reorganization meetings
  • Voting to break tie votes on council
  • Taking part in council discussions
  • Declaring an emergency & regulating actions during that time
  • Administering to the police department
  • Performing marriage ceremonies
  • Attending ribbon-cutting ceremonies
  • Representing the borough at public events
  • Speaking at school functions
  • Being involved in community projects and organizations

Administering to the Police Department duties include:

  • Enforcing ordinances and regulations
  • Generate a monthly report for Council’s review
  • Promote effective communication and collaboration
  • Establish annual goals and budgetary plan-of-action
  • Support recruitment and retention efforts
  • Improve operations and long-term sustainability


  • Promote, support and retain businesses in New Bethlehem
  • Improve job opportunities throughout the community
  • Identify and market New Bethlehem’s assets
    • work w/ Chamber, Trail, Redbank Ren & other community organizations
  • Monitor employee performance
  • Monitor finances and work with accounting and insurance professionals
  • Promote and support events that showcase the community
    • work w/ Chamber & other community organizations
  • Lobby and seek state and county assistance to deal with blight
  • Seek and apply for grants as available


  • Improve police visibility and effectiveness
  • Work to promote a safe, community environment
  • Develop standards for public safety services
  • Coordinate law enforcement with local communities
  • Be prepared to deal with accidents, natural and man-made disasters


  • Improve gateways to the borough
  • Improve signage and promote wayfinding
  • Improve proactive code enforcement
  • Improve building and grounds maintenance throughout the community
  • Improve the image of the borough
  • Improve customer service


  • Review and comment on proposed County legislation
  • Take required classes and tests (FEMA/PEMA)
  • Review and comment on Penn Dot plans and actions


  • Enhance communication with public, organizations and businesses
  • Respond promptly to citizen requests
  • Promote, coordinate, and support events that showcase the community
    • work w/ Chamber & other community organizations
  • Measure and improve citizen satisfaction
  • Sponsor opportunities for public participation
  • Update and digitize records
  • Maintain communication with local municipalities, County, State and Federal Representatives

New Bethlehem Mayor Gordon Barrows publishes a monthly report to promote economic vitality, safety, community aesthetics, government mandates and communications. Click the PDF below to download/save/print.

 | Size: 203 KB 17th May 2023 Mayor's Report - May 2023 - Mayor Gordon Barrows  | Size: 206 KB 19th Apr 2023 Mayor's Report - April 2023 - Mayor Gordon Barrows  | Size: 208 KB 24th Mar 2023 Mayor's Report - March 2023 - Mayor Gordon Barrows  | Size: 206 KB 22nd Feb 2023 Mayor's Report - Feb 2023 - Mayor Gordon Barrows  | Size: 207 KB 18th Jan 2023 Mayor's Report - Jan 2023 - Mayor Gordon Barrows  | Size: 208 KB 21st Dec 2022 Mayor's Report - Dec 2022 - Mayor Gordon Barrows  | Size: 201 KB 16th Nov 2022 Mayor's Report - Nov 2022 - Mayor Gordon Barrows  | Size: 204 KB 19th Oct 2022 Mayor's Report - Oct 2022 - Mayor Gordon Barrows  | Size: 203 KB 21st Sep 2022 Mayor's Report - Sept 2022 - Mayor Gordon Barrows  | Size: 203 KB 17th Aug 2022 Mayor's Report - Aug 2022 - Mayor Gordon Barrows  | Size: 203 KB 20th Jul 2022 Mayor's Report - July 2022 - Mayor Gordon Barrows  | Size: 204 KB 22nd Jun 2022 Mayor's Report - June 2022 - Mayor Gordon Barrows  | Size: 200 KB 18th May 2022 Mayor's Report - May 2022 - Mayor Gordon Barrows  | Size: 204 KB 20th Apr 2022 Mayor's Report - April 2022 - Mayor Gordon Barrows  | Size: 223 KB 16th Mar 2022 Mayor's Report - March 2022 - Mayor Gordon Barrows  | Size: 221 KB 16th Feb 2022 Mayor's Report - February 2022 - Mayor Gordon Barrows  | Size: 222 KB 20th Jan 2022 Mayor's Report - January 2022 - Mayor Gordon Barrows  | Size: 223 KB 22nd Dec 2021 Mayor's Report - December 2021 - Mayor Gordon Barrows  | Size: 218 KB 17th Nov 2021 Mayor's Report - November 2021 - Mayor Gordon Barrows  | Size: 222 KB 20th Oct 2021 Mayor's Report - October 2021 - Mayor Gordon Barrows  | Size: 223 KB 24th Sep 2021 Mayor's Report - Sept 2021 - Mayor Gordon Barrows  | Size: 214 KB 20th Aug 2021 Mayor's Report - August 2021 - Mayor Gordon Barrows  | Size: 220 KB 21st Jul 2021 Mayor's Report - July 2021 - Mayor Gordon Barrows  | Size: 221 KB 16th Jun 2021 Mayor's Report - June 2021 - Mayor Gordon Barrows  | Size: 222 KB 21st May 2021 Mayor's Report - May 2021 - Mayor Gordon Barrows  | Size: 223 KB 21st Apr 2021 Mayor's Report - April 2021 - Mayor Gordon Barrows  | Size: 223 KB 18th Mar 2021 Mayor's Report - March 2021 - Mayor Gordon Barrows  | Size: 222 KB 17th Feb 2021 Mayor's Report - Feb 2021 - Mayor Gordon Barrows  | Size: 222 KB 20th Jan 2021 Mayor's Report - Jan 2021 - Mayor Gordon Barrows  | Size: 224 KB 16th Dec 2020 Mayor's Report - Dec 2020 - Mayor Gordon Barrows  | Size: 335 KB 18th Nov 2020 Mayor's Report - Nov 2020 - Mayor Gordon Barrows  | Size: 309 KB 21st Oct 2020 Mayor's Report - Oct 2020 - Mayor Gordon Barrows  | Size: 311 KB 17th Sep 2020 Mayor's Report - Sept 2020 - Mayor Gordon Barrows  | Size: 313 KB 24th Aug 2020 Mayor's Report - August 2020 - Mayor Gordon Barrows  | Size: 295 KB 23rd Jul 2020 Mayor's Report - July 2020 - Mayor Gordon Barrows  | Size: 294 KB 18th Jun 2020 Mayor's Report - June 2020 - Mayor Gordon Barrows  | Size: 319 KB 21st May 2020 Mayor's Report - May 2020 - Mayor Gordon Barrows  | Size: 239 KB 23rd Apr 2020 Mayor's Report - March & April 2020 - Mayor Gordon Barrows  | Size: 230 KB 23rd Apr 2020 Mayor's Report - February 2020 - Mayor Gordon Barrows  | Size: 243 KB 23rd Apr 2020 Mayor's Report - January 2020 - Mayor Gordon Barrows
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Rev. Dr. Gordon V. Barrows became the mayor of New Bethlehem Borough in 2019. The Mayor of New Bethlehem Borough is the highest-ranking elected official in the municipal government of New Bethlehem Pennsylvania.

The Mayor is the Chief Executive Officer and Administrative Head of Town government.

As Executive Officer of the Town, the Mayor is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Town.

The Mayor represents the Town in intergovernmental relationships.

The Mayor presents an annual State of the Community message.

The Mayor annually submits a proposed budget and capital plan to the Town Council.

The Mayor is recognized as the head of Town government for all ceremonial purposes and by the Governor for purposes of military law.

The Mayor serves a four-year term. If appointed, they serve until the next election. The Mayor is elected on a nonpartisan, at-large basis.

The Mayor chairs the Town Council meetings and votes on issues before the Council only to break a tie vote.

The Mayor has power to veto Council legislation.  Vetoed ordinances and resolutions can be overridden by the Council by an affirmative majority vote.

The Mayor has line-item veto power over most appropriation items in the budget or any ordinance or resolution.

Contact the Borough’s Secretary Richard McGarrity at 814.275.2003 or [email protected]

The Mayor’s Office is located inside ‘The Jewelry Shop’ on Broad Street in New Bethlehem PA.

Postal mail can be sent to 210 Lafayette St. New Bethlehem PA 16242

“You are certainly the most visible, socially interactive and community-oriented council member this town has ever had! You are blessed with good sense, common sense, and business sense! Glad to see your willingness to continue serving!” – Pam E., Community Member

“Your wisdom, vision and leadership are a real asset to the community. I am really proud of you my friend!” – Fred M., retired Pennsylvania State Representative

“Our community is certainly fortunate to have you on Council. Thank you for your faithful, continued service.” – Bayonne H., Community Member

“Please know that everything you do in our community is so very appreciated! You have been an amazing person to cover so much and support every event! You never say I can’t! Always sure I can!” – Ann K., School Board Member

“It was great to see you Gordon and chat about the outstanding things you are doing with your business and in the community!” – Donna O., current Pennsylvania State Representative

“Gordon from the First Time I met You I knew You were Special and Loved the Lord. He has Your Plan. New Bethlehem will always be Your Home.” – Katy B., Community Member

“This week I’m at the United States Senate Youth Program which has been inspiring – and I am grateful to have been pushed and supported by mentors like you. Your kindness to me has been a great influence, and I am glad to have met you. I appreciate all the help you’ve given me over the last year. Thank you!” – Colin S., New Bethlehem Borough Council Member

The Office of Mayor Gordon Barrows welcomes you to contact his office by calling (814) 275-2003 or via email by using the form below or [email protected].


Mayor Gordon Barrows - New Bethlehem Mayor

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