Rev. Dr. Gordon Barrows is pursuing a Ph.D. of public administration in economics & finance to teach in academia as a college professor.

Rev. Dr. Gordon V. Barrows - College Professor

Rev. Dr. Gordon V. Barrows, EdD, DBA, MBA
(D.B.A.) Doctor of Business/Technology
(Ed.D) Doctor of Education/Theology
(Ph.D) Doctor of Economics/Finance

Welcome to my academic portfolio! My name is Gordon Barrows and I am an aspiring educator with the goal of teaching in academia as a college professor.

I currently hold a Ph.D. equivalent education/ministry degree (Ed.D.) in theology/divinity as well as a Ph.D. equivalent Doctorate of Business Administration Degree (D.B.A.) in Technology/Digital Media from Liberty University. I also hold a Masters of Business Administration Degree (M.B.A.) and Bachelors of Science Degree (B.S.) in Computer Information Systems from PennWest University of Pennsylvania.

I am also a doctoral candidate pursuing a Public Administration degree (Ph.D.) in Economics/Finance at the Helms School of Government at Liberty University.

CONTACT: I invite you to contact my office with any questions, suggestions or feedback by calling 814.275.6714 or via email: [email protected]


  • Teach from approved curriculum in accordance with assigned schedule to ensure student satisfaction.
  • Assist students in achieving completion of objectives and learning outcomes.
  • Provide regular and timely feedback to students.
  • Conducting research, fieldwork, and investigations, and writing up reports.
  • Publishing research, attending conferences, delivering presentations, and networking with others in the field.
  • Participate in school retention initiatives by maintaining productive conduct with students and by getting in touch with absent students.
  • Participate in academic learning opportunities and gain experience.
  • Participating in committee, departmental, and faculty meetings.
  • Providing training and mentoring to teaching assistants and junior lecturers.
  • Advise students in matters related to academics, attendance, and behaviors.
  • Motivate students to actively participate in all aspects of the educational process.
  • Maintain and report student grades and attendance in accordance with university policies.
  • Contributing to the creation of an environment that promotes growth, equality, and freedom of speech.
  • Reviewing methods and teaching materials and making recommendations for improvement.


  • To improve students’ academic performance
  • To instill students with fundamental motivation to learn
  • To assist the school administrators, teachers, students, and support staff, to reach their goals
  • To instill action-oriented principles into students’ cognitive, affective, and behavioral learning domains
  • To contribute to the teaching of core performance standards and outcomes; to improve students’ behavior
  • To develop students’ character
  • To develop well-rounded students: including physically, intellectually, socially, and emotionally
  • To develop students’ critical thinking skills
  • To promote good mental health in students


  • To assist the school administrators, teachers, students, and support staff, to reach their goals
  • To achieve a violence and drug free school
  • To create a positive learning environment throughout the school
  • To teach that all activities and curriculum in the school are positive actions, including content area learning (reading, writing, math, etc.)


  • To develop teachers who use positive approaches to instruction and classroom management
  • To develop administrators who use positive approaches to leading and school management
  • To develop a support staff who use positive approaches to supporting students and school personnel
  • To understand research-based theories of learning, education, behavior change, and their relationships to Positive Action


  • To involve parents in their student’s education
  • To involve community members in education by providing support and resources to the school
  • To involve community members in developing a positive community for students and youth


  • To unify the individual, school, family and community with a universal philosophy and a common language
  • To encourage accountability across the social strata
  • To develop adults who model and practice the positive actions they are teaching students and expecting them to use
  • To teach the intuitive philosophy that you feel good about yourself when you do positive actions
  • To teach that thoughts lead to actions, actions lead to feelings about yourself, and feelings lead back to thoughts in a circle
  • To teach the importance of interconnectedness among social ecologies and influences; to teach positive actions for the physical, intellectual, social, and emotional areas

My research in artificial intelligence and social media examines established and emerging media technologies used by for-profit and non-profit organizations in digital marketing and online advertising. My industry experience is deeply rooted in the fundamentals of business administration and information technologies including strategic allocation of financial resources, organizational structure, supply chain management, human resource development, and strategic thinking.


  • Research and analyze data to make the most effective business decisions.
  • Use organizational and executive coaching to develop the leaders in your organization.
  • Execute strategic supply chain management to employ your company’s resources.
  • Allocate your organization’s financial resources.
  • Provide hands-on training with the newest digital and interactive tools for achieving consumer relationships and spreading ideas.
  • Implement the latest cutting-edge strategies for digital marketing.

STCO 532: Media Technologies & Communication Strategies
STCO 534: Strategic Media Analysis
STCO 550: Best Practices: Transforming the Digital Organization
STCO 562: Using Emerging Trends in Strategic Communication
BUSI 710: Foundations of Applied Research Methods
BUSI 730: Strategic Allocation of Financial Resources
BUSI 735: Understanding the Organization
BUSI 740: Supply Chain Management
BUSI 745: Marketing for Competitive Advantage
BUSI 750: Managing Human Resources
BUSI 770: Strategy Formulation & Strategic Thinking
BUSI 820: Quantitative Research Methods
BUSI 830: Case Study Research Methods & Consulting Techniques

CLCM 510: Constructing a Theology of Networks for the Digital Age
CLCM 520: Spiritual Formation in the Digital Age
CLCM 530: Creating Christian Community Online
CLCM 540: Introduction to Ministry in the Digital Age
CLED 700: Biblical & Theological Foundations of Leadership
CLED 720: Biblical & Theological Foundations of Education
CLED 800: Theological Anthropology in Leadership & Education
CLED 815: Character & Ethics in Leadership & Education
CLED 820: Leadership & Management Theory
CLED 835: Organizational Theory & Development
CLED 845: Group & Team Dynamics: Theory & Practice of Leadership
CLED 855: Teaching & Learning: Theory & Practice in Leadership

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FEMA, USDA, CDBG, etc., Government Grants, $100,000.00+, May 2011 to Present
Aided New Bethlehem Borough & Municipality

U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, USDA Rural Development Grant, $39,000.00, August 2022
Aided New Bethlehem Volunteer Fire Company

Clarion County Hotel Tax Committee, Hotel Room Tax Grant, $2,700.00 July 2021
Aided Redbank Valley Chamber of Commerce

TC Energy, TC Energy Build Strong Grant, $13,000.00, May 2021
Aided New Bethlehem Volunteer Fire Company

Walmart, Local Community Grant, $500.00 April 2021
Aided Redbank Valley Community Center

PA Dept. of Community & Economic Development, Façade Design Grant, $5,000.00, June 2019
Aided Redbank Renaissance Civic Group

Click the questions below to reveal the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about my education philosophy.

I strongly believe education is a life-long learning experience from which individuals gain knowledge and doors are opened, opportunities are established, and futures are cultivated.

I also believe education affords individuals the opportunity to read, write, speak, think critically, make informed decisions, know right from wrong, effectively communicate, and understand how the world works.

Education allows individuals to develop perspectives, build opinions, and grow physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially into productive members of society.

The purpose education serves in bettering society includes (a) academic achievement in social mobility; (b) character/mindset development; (c) social cohesion, and (d) social equality.

Yes, I believe all students are capable of learning, but not all students learn in the same way. Some students may be visual learners, auditory learners, or kinesthetic learners where varying methods of teaching should be considered to foster an optimal learning environment that will help all students succeed.

The goals I have for my students include instilling a specific sense of purpose, a relevant direction and focus, an attainable personal satisfaction of achievement and motivation, as well as ensure measurable progress and time bound success.

Several high-level goals for my students include (a) become leaders and informed decision-makers; (b) find a mentor and partner with career services; (c) encourage self-care for optimal academic, physical, and emotional wellbeing.

The goals I have for myself include learning, exploring, investigating, discovering, and fostering personal/professional development by performing specific and achievable research every week during each school year on a topic my class is studying.

Several high-level goals for myself include (a) model a growth mindset to foster lifelong learning; (b) follow God’s calling to bring people closer to Christ; (c) practice self-care for optimal academic, physical, and emotional wellbeing.

I abide by an academic set of practices, ethics and behaviors that support the knowledge, practice and professional engagement needed for effective teaching and improves student learning.

These standards include (a) knowing your students and how they learn; (b) knowing the content and how to teach it; (c) plan/implement effective teaching and learning; (d) create/maintain a safe/supportive learning environment; (e) assess feedback on student learning; (f) engage in professional learning, and (g) engage professionally with colleagues, parents, and the community.

A good teacher meets all students’ differentiated learning needs by creating an engaging/fun environment where students are empowered with the knowledge to reach their maximum learning potential.

Additionally, a good teacher has an engaging presence, values practical application, shares best practices and has a lifelong love of learning.

I incorporate new techniques, activities, curriculum, and technology into my teaching by (a) gathering student feedback; (b) digital field trips; (c) social media integration; (d) gamified learning; (e) creating digital content; and (f) incorporate video/multimedia into lessons/presentations.

Modern methods for incorporating new content include (a) collaborative learning; (b) spaced learning; (c) flipped classroom; (d) self-learning; (e) VAK teaching; and (f) crossover learning.

“Gordon has proven himself to be knowledgeable and proficient in business and technology, and people of all ages respond well to his teaching and mentoring style. I believe that Gordon will be a valuable asset to any department’s teaching faculty.”
– Rev. Dr. John G., Ph.D. @ University of Pittsburgh

“Gordon has a keen intelligence, is a critical thinker, and is very personable and kind; he’s the type of perspective teacher a student would respect, build rapport with, and want to learn from. I know that he will be a fantastic educator who will work tirelessly for his students.”
– Dr. Joseph H., Ed.D. @ Redbank Valley School District

“I believe Gordon not only has the intellectual skills to perform as a professor to college students but, he also has the love and compassion needed to teach and help students to pursue their dreams as he has done. ”
– Pastor Bud D., Senior Pastor @ Redbank Valley United Methodist Ministry

“Gordon is the consummate professional who used his expertise and entrepreneurial endeavors to not only benefit his fellow colleagues, but the University and the community. I highly recommend him to any organization seeking to improve the services they provide to their customers and community.”
– Graham N., colleague @ Clarion University

“Gordon is an asset to any group. His broad knowledge base and his computer expertise bring a wide skill set to the table. Gordon’s biggest asset, however, is his ability to engage a crowd persuasively and effectively during presentations. Gordon is comfortable and confident speaking in front of any crowd, and combined with his knowledge of business, this makes him an exceptional candidate for any organization.”
– Dustin M., colleague @ Clarion University

“Gordon is trustworthy and hard working. He values integrity and loyalty, which are two characteristics that are not easy to find. I recommend working with him because not only will he give great customer service and satisfy your requests, he is great to get along with too!”
– Joy C., colleague @ Clarion University

Gordon is the type of person who stays at the cutting edge of technology. He is also a take-charge type of person. With those two traits coupled with his intelligence, he is a good person to have on your team.
Dr. Anthony G., Professor @ Clarion University

The Office of Dr. Gordon V. Barrows welcomes you to contact him by calling (814) 275-6714 or via email by using the form below or [email protected].


College Professor - Gordon Barrows - New Bethlehem PA

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